About Me – Mosaic Pictures

Hussein Choudhury
( Cinematographer. Videographer. Photographer )

Born South London…. The escapism of films & books played a huge part in my life…. Got involved in street arts…. eventually transcended to creating visual art for weddings.

I have worked in major productions like music promo’s, feature films, corporate & commercial work. But, weddings are my love. I have shot weddings all over the world. Even today I am surprised by the diversity of wedding celebrations around the world.

I never ever stop learning. I know every aspect of my work. I am a camera person. I am an editor. I am a visual artist and designer.

About Shaadi Videography
I am still passionate about Shaadi Videography. This company is run by my Business Partner Sandeep Singh. The work is very innovative and will continue to be so. Our imagination knows no bounds… Just don’t take my word for it. Take a look at the work. www.shaadi-video.com. Be inspired.

The Next Level….. Mosaic Pictures.

If anyone is considering work of distinction then you may consider engaging with me…… Here I offer a boutique service. Look forward to hearing from you. www.mosaic-pictures.com