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What is The DNA!!! Before I come to that let me introduce myself. I am the Boss here and I have been creating wedding videos for more than a decade. My name is Hussein, you can call me H.

I specifically entered the Wedding Industry so to prove that a lot more can be done from a visual and sound point of view.

Today I can say that the industry has evolved and I will take some credit for that. Thank you.

What is The DNA! You are The DNA.

Those who have been inspired by the work of Shaadi Videography and have then entered the industry as a Videographer, Photographer or Cinematographer.

You automatically form this DNA.

Those who wish to be part of the DNA, please join.

This group is in development (growing strands), please bear with us and thank you.



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  1. Gurmeet says:

    I like to be part of the DNA – as respect to what you taught me. Gurmeet

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