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This is where it all began “Shaadi Videography” in the year of our lord 2000. Yesterday was a trip down memory lane. My first ever coverage took place here. It was the Walima event of Naeem & Shazia all recorded on our brand new mini DV camcorders (Canon XM1). God bless them both. The place was still as I had remembered it. Big chandeliers in the upper foyer & an auditorium style banquet room. Nothing has changed. Yesterday was the Walima event of Asim & Huma and they had a lot of fun. The photographer in charge of processions was Guv from Topaz Media. The suprising thing about this Walima event was everyone had a good time on the dance floor (about time). Yes there was also a First Dance which was so good to see & capture.. This is a rarity at a muslim event. I say long may it continue and well done to the couple. However, as I have said this is where it all began & this is where it all ends. The bubble usually bursts when the mixture of people are 25% from the new world & 75% from the old world. The people from the old world are used to seeing a videoman with a shoulder mounted camera and a floodlight, filming willy nilly with no real sense of purpose. However in their eyes he is doing his job. Furthermore, he is taking instructions left right and center regarding the same thing all day long. In extreme cases he is even being sworn at….. I don’t mind people telling me what & when to capture, but when someone tells me that I am not doing my job (not knowing what’s been already captured)….. that’s a different issue.

Especially when I have clocked up 2hrs & 10 minutes of acceptable shots in 3 hours. Where I have arrived before scheduled. Where I have covered everything and more. It infuriates me when someone from the old world, who has no experience of the job at hand, starts telling me this. Is it your wedding video? Was it you who hired me? Are you paying the bill?……………NO. However, in situations like this you have to remain professional. You have to keep a smile about it. You have to continue…. In the circumstances described, I personally will not be covering such events ever again. The writing is now on the wall. H

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